Fanfic Time!

Sorry about the delay. I was eating cheese┬ádoing the clue game on But anyway, here’s the fanfic!

Amazing Race: Mario Edition Prologue

Hello. I’m Master Hand. We’re here at World 1-1 of the Mushroom Kingdom. We’ve got 12 teams in a race around the world. Here they are!

  • Mario+Peach Dating
  • Luigi+Yoshi Riding Buddies
  • Bowser+Bowser Jr. Father and Son
  • King Boo+Petey Piranha Frat Boys
  • Toadsworth+Toadette Father and Daughter
  • Baby Mario+Baby Luigi Brothers
  • Donkey Kong+Diddy Kong Uncle and Son
  • Koopa Troopa+Goomba Roommates
  • Lakitu+Cloud Flying Aces
  • Wendy Koopa+Roy Koopa Brother and Sister
  • Hammer Bros. Hammer Bros.(duh)
  • Wario+Waluigi Cousins

Scotty? Really?

Scotty just won American Idol. Anyone else think he’s overrated?

Welcome, Dudes!

HIIIIIIIIIIII! Okay, sorry about the Brawl reference, but this is pauljustpaul here. I’m going to show you my moves. I will be ranting about everything from anime to Youtube, with fanfics, gaming, and all that stuff. Hope you follow this!